Abode Healthcare New Employee / Termination Request

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For New Hires

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Access Requested:
EmailHCHB Point CareSHPZirmedGreat PlainsHCHB Back office

If "HCHB Back office" was checked, Create worker profile similar to:

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Equipment Needed:
LaptopDesktop PCTabletCell Phone

For Terminations

Access to Revoke:
EmailHCHB Point CareHCHB Back OfficeSHPZirmedGreat Plains

Equipment Returned:
LaptopDesktop PCTabletCell Phone

Note: If returning a tablet or phone, please reallocate the device in HCHB’s field inventory from the former user’s worker profile field inventory, to your respective entity and branch Spare Devices in HCHB.

Optional: Forward former employee’s email to Brian Greiving for a period of 30 days.

For Transfers

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