Hospice Care

What is Hospice?

Hospice is an approach to care for people experiencing a life-limiting illness. It offers comprehensive services that address the physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs and preferences of the patient and family.

Hospice affirms life and emphasizes quality rather than quantity of life. Hospice does nothing to either hasten or postpone death, but rather focuses on making the patient as comfortable as possible during the dying process while supporting the patient’s family and caregivers.

Abode hospices provide hospice services in the home setting. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of care while working with the patient and family to ensure that they maintain an optimum level of comfort and control.

Who pays for hospice services?

Abode Healthcare accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and other forms of reimbursement. We will be happy to discuss your particular situation and to contact the patient’s insurer to ask about hospice coverage.

What specific services do Abode hospices provide?

  • Routine home care is provided in the home on a periodic, “as needed” basis by a team of expert and compassionate professionals. Our team includes physicians, nurses, aides, chaplains, social workers, and trained volunteers, all working together with the patient to achieve stated goals. Services focus on pain and symptom control and practical, as well as emotional and spiritual support.
  • Continuous Care is offered for up to 24 hours when the patient needs close attention because of a severe problem or crisis.
  • Inpatient Care is offered as need on a short-term basis when patients need extra help to control their pain or other symptoms.
  • Respite Care is another short-term service offering up to five days of inpatient care that allows family members and caregivers to take a needed rest break.
  • Bereavement Services offer family and caregiver support for up to 13 months after the patient’s death.
  • Equipment, Supplies, and Medications are provided if they directly relate to the patient’s hospice diagnosis.
  • Specialty Services such as Music Therapy and Pet Therapy services are offered in some locations.

Who qualifies for hospice services?

Anyone who has a life limiting illness and a desire for palliative rather than curative care is appropriate for hospice. Please contact our main location or your local Abode hospice to speak with someone about the hospice benefits available to you. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and to help you get the services you need.